It’s a mix of both lights and darks, soft and strong palettes, cools and warms. Color ranges are all familiar and typical of the fall season–they serve as the background for more exciting things happening in textiles and the mix.

Pale Neutrals — Form the base, easy to wear, feminine yet sophisticated.
This is where grey is most important, and best when mixed w the soft beiges.

Fall-2015-color_5 Fall-2015-color_4 Fall-2015-color_1

Camels and Browns — An emphasis on these strong neutrals.

Fall-2015-color_12 Fall-2015-color_10 Fall-2015-color_11

Harvest —
A recognizable and totally salable autumn range of pumpkin, marigold, toast, olive, plum, and wine.

Fall-2015-color_7 Fall-2015-color_13
Fall-2015-color_2 Fall-2015-color_9

Classic — Always the fall basics of wine, hunter, navy, grey, camel and cardinal.

Fall-2015-color_6 Fall-2015-color_3 Fall-2015-color_14
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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Summer/Trans 2015 Trend Direction

Next week I’ll be showing a complete 2015 Home Furnishings/Interiors trend presentation and my seasonal Summer/Trans Women’s trend presentation. I hope you’ll be able to join one of the two scheduled dates — you’ll see a lot of great images and hear how you can update your product for next year.

Visit my website to view the invitation with dates, times, and registration link.

Learn More

summer-2015-trend_home_08 Summer-2015-trend_15
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Home 2015 Trend Points: Webinar Preview

As with women’s fashion trend, we increasingly want to surround ourselves with more Simplicity, a quieter, more contemplative approach to our everyday. This style is inspired by nature and earth, and/or our quest for modernization.

Summer-2015-trend_home_10 Summer-2015-trend_home_02 Summer-2015-trend_home_09 Summer-2015-trend_home_05

Nature’s influence is huge and keeps getting stronger and stronger. Here are her images.

Summer-2015-trend_home_14 Summer-2015-trend_home_11 Summer-2015-trend_home_01

Let’s travel to the cultures of Sun Worshippers and be inspired by their energy, their pattern, their way of life.

Summer-2015-trend_home_03 Summer-2015-trend_home_06Summer-2015-trend_home_08

New Graphics to add to your home decor are full of energy and life and indicate a love for the traditional but updated for our new reality!

Summer-2015-trend_home_07 Summer-2015-trend_home_04 Summer-2015-trend_home_12 Summer-2015-trend_home_13

Sign up to make sure you get your invitation!

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Women’s Summer 2015 Trend Points: Webinar Preview

Everything gets ramped up–more color, more dramatic looks, more creativity, more personalization.

Happy fun colors just won’t go away, whether they’re fruity and cool or ripened by the summer sun.

Summer-2015-trend_13 Summer-2015-trend_04 Summer-2015-trend_11 Summer-2015-trend_09

We love Tropical, from Miami Beach glam to sultry exotic . . . plus a new softer contemporary take!

Summer-2015-trend_02 Summer-2015-trend_01 Summer-2015-trend_12

Modern Graphics continue with many approaches and ways to convey this clean and fresh story, from crisp black and white to multi, to artistic.

Summer-2015-trend_05 Summer-2015-trend_03 Summer-2015-trend_06

Sign up to make sure you get your invitation!

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Due to many requests, we’ve scheduled one more webinar.

If you missed the earlier dates, I invite you to see my presentation on next years trend movement, the colors, the influences,and what key design points will influence your product for next year.

This season is full of optimism as we will confidently create product
that originates from our emotional response to the resources at hand. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Click on the link below to purchase the webinar for $85 per person.

Tuesday, February 25 at 11:00 a.m. CST

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