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By 4th quarter next year we will feel the need to desire again, to imagine and daydream about the future, to respond to the visual and esoteric and whatever gets our juices flowing. It’ll be a season of indulgence, the freedom to seek the gratification of desire! We want to create very strong visual looks and do everything we did right for fall ’14 but to
make it MORE!

Here is some of the trend direction. To see my complete trend presentation for Winter/Holiday 2014, please contact me. There’s a lot more on color, texture ideas, sweater knits and stitches, and influential themes.

Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_1 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_27 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_22 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_29 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_13 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_14

We’re in a textile driven era. Garment style is still not driving trend and I believe we’re finally coming out of a highly print driven era, great run tho that it was. The most important statement to make is for your fabrics to have texture and surface dimension. Relegate your solid and flat fabrics to basics only; do something innovative and special with the rest!!

Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_11 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_31 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_30 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_17 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_26 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_21

Make it soft, cozy, comfy, warm with lots of brushed surfaces, angora and mohair knits.

Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_15 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_16
Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_19 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_18

Embellish strongly with jewels, gemstones and pearls instead of sequins for glitter and bling.

Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_5 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_28 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_23 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_4 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_20 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_3 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_2

The Midas Touch–use lots of metallic gold as allover molten looks mixed with black (very wearable), or as just a smattering in a print, or on a key item to update.

Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_7 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_25 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_24 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_8 Winter-Holiday-Trend-Overview_6

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I love to motivate and empower my audiences and clients with compelling and actionable information. I am passionate about the need for creativity, good taste and thinking out of the box.
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