SUMMER/TRANS 2014 — Color Direction

While there are many stories to tell, there are 3 families of color that look particularly good for this time of year. You will want to use them to update your spring key items and create a refreshing color statement on the floor.

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THE BLUES: Always saleable, always fresh, and always work with lots of white. Indigo continues to be the fashion approach to navy . . . very dry, very dark, and especially effective when used in its natural dip dye, blurred, bleeding effect. The other message is to layer all the blues and create print excitement with very expressive Delft and China blue patterns.

Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_7 Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_6 Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_5

THE MIXES: Combine colors together for very specific mixes that make a fashion statement. Whether in color blocking, contrast trimming, print color ways . . . these are the combos that will make your assortments trend-right.

Orange and Pink

Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_11 Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_4 Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_13

Pink and Red

Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_3 Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_2 Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_10 Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_15

Turquoise and Blue

Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_12 Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_16 Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_8

GOLDEN GLOBE: All levels of gold in all casts combine with rich browns for a total story . . . often mixed together in a tribal, tropical or cultural mood. Start with saffron, goldenrod, then deepen and neutralize to brass & bronze, or deepen to a reddened or golden browns adding touches of henna and copper.

Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_1 Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_9 Summer-Trans-2014-color-direction_14

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I love to motivate and empower my audiences and clients with compelling and actionable information. I am passionate about the need for creativity, good taste and thinking out of the box.
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