UPDATES FROM NYC . . . January 2013

This stay in NYC is so rewarding and wonderful. The print shows are full of inspiration for the new year and provide an opportunity for joyous reunions with old friends and colleagues who come from all areas of the states to view and gather.

Also rewarding for me was a day with students and faculty in the fashion program at Drexel Univ in Philly. I gave my trend presentation to 3 classes–fashion design, and international merchandising–all filled with mature bright students absorbing all the trends! (Learn more about my other school partnerships)

I also gave my trend presentation at the Printsource Future Cafe and attended 3 others, ranging from domestic retail reports to advance forecasts from Europe.

Here is a list of terms I heard the forecasters mention over and over in their presentations for spring 2014:

  • – Atmospheric, Vaporous, Hazy
  • – Light, Pale, Translucent, Irridescent
  • – Bio-everything, Geological Elements, Sunset, Desert, Nature’s Landscape
  • – The Sea
  • – Graphic, Clean, Modern
  • – Transparencies, Ruffles, Metallic, Camouflage, Surreal
  • – Travel, Cultural, Tribal, Nomads, Exotic, Dramatic
  • – Intense, Exaggerated, Playful

About Fran Yoshioka

I love to motivate and empower my audiences and clients with compelling and actionable information. I am passionate about the need for creativity, good taste and thinking out of the box.
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