MORE NEWS FROM NYC — Fran’s latest trip in April


Shopping, shopping, shopping–very happy to report that Fifth Avenue looks great!

I am a bit of a traditionalist, so before venturing downtown or exploring a new shopping venue, I do my usual route starting with Barney’s on Madison/61 St (DKNY, Ann Taylor); then down Fifth Ave, starting with Bergdorf Goodman and now ending on 43 St with sometimes a little detour over to Rockefeller Plaza. Beyond the amazing European designer stores that continue to flagship on Fifth, this trip I saw 3 extraordinary volume brands showcased in large, light, and very stimulating retail environs. Large space, airy and light, an inviting and delightful shopping experience.

(All are on the west side of the avenue)

Uniqlo (Fifth/53 Street) We’ve all been, but this is bigger and grander than any. A little hard to navigate the levels, but the merchandise goes on and on.

Zara (Fifth/54 Street) Think you’ve seen them all, but this one is spectacular; more product than ever, well merchandised and presented.

Juicy Couture (Fifth/52 Street) Didn’t go in this time, but looks grand with spacious multi levels–in step with the other venues.

Joe Fresh (Fifth/43 Street) As good as all the hype –refreshing look, very clean presentation with cool, updated classic sportswear. Stories and collections are well presented. (with all the color around, I bought a black cardigan for $16!)

About Fran Yoshioka

I love to motivate and empower my audiences and clients with compelling and actionable information. I am passionate about the need for creativity, good taste and thinking out of the box.
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