NEWS FROM NYC — Fran’s latest trip there in April

Let’s get down to it–isn’t this what’s really important when you travel??!

Well, I had lovely, enjoyable, delicious, and reasonably priced, fresh house-made pasta 3 nights in a row!

Evening 1Eataly 23rd st and 5th Ave….the amazing italian food market/emporium. In the simple pizza/pasta venue, I had a tagliatelle in short rib ragu. Splendid, perfect proportions of pasta to sauce; very light. My dining partner had the ricotta ravioli in a light lemon/pignoli sauce that was also fresh and divine.

Evening 2Tommy’s Lasagna — the name strikes me to be a little strange, but the place is a very comfy upscale neighborhood restaurant in Grammercy area, 119 E 18th St. Pappardelle (wide ribbon noodles) is my favorite pasta, so I had it bolognese……my preference is more meaty while this was more tomato-saucy, but it was fresh and good. I would definitely return and try something else on their very simple and appealing menu.

Evening 3Casa Nonna — 310 W 38 St. if for nothing else, good to know of this very upscale restaurant right in the garment district. (Tho it didn’t feel exactly like anyone’s casa nonna). It’s huge, trying hard to be chic but intimate, with a very ambitious menu. But the house-made spinach pappardelle with fresh mushroom sauce was good. Try the mini arancini for starters; also the fine assorted bruscetta. Oh, and gelato was so creamy and if you are a pistachio fan, it tasted like real pistachio!

NYC Trend Research 2013-Where to Eat NYC Trend Research 2013-Where to Eat NYC Trend Research 2013-Where to Eat

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