It’s been awhile, so let me bring you up to date on where the last months have taken me!


I was a guest speaker at the ALL About Design trade show trend forum, where I showed my Maison et Objet and Europe Retail Trend Report. This show is a surface/textile design show for the local home furnishings market and put on by JE corporation. I was in good company as the other trend forecasters/presenters were very well known Europeans; I was the lone American presenter.

All About Design 2011 - Shanghai All About Design 2011 - Shanghai

After 2 days at the show, I was able to spend a day exploring Shanghai–here are my impressions.

  1. The push toward westernization and experiencing what I could of the culture made me a bit uncomfortable. It was as if the outer shell was visually modern (the new airport, new modern malls), but the inside cultural core did not comfortably meet our western standards of service, propriety, & grace. Once below the chic and very expensive tier, English was hardly spoken and customer service was a very forced concept, even in western establishments like my average Ramada hotel.
  2. Interesting Yu Gardens: like a flea market, endless streets, alleys, shops filled with traditional Chinese ware.
  3. Endless beautiful red hanging lanterns.
  4. Spectacular views of the harbor along the Bund and across the way.
  5. Dining: Tian Zi Fang area for evening dining, walking, shopping; charming connected covered alleyways.
  6. The city is very large, larger than I imagined and at night all the buildings are decorated w lights.
  7. Pedestrians do not have the right-of-way; you can be run down by a little motorbike that makes no sound!
  8. Must have where you want to go written in Chinese for the taxi driver.
  9. Compared to Europe and most places you travel to in the world, Shanghai is a bargain!

Fashion News Workshop, NYC

My next speaking engagement was back in NYC, where I showed my Europe Retail Trend Report to the lovely ladies (and one gent) at the Fashion News Workshop trend day. What a wonderful experience for me! So many women I’ve known throughout my years working in this business were in attendance and part of this great little group. They have dynamic themed meetings once a month with specific topics and well-known speakers in the industry–apparel, home, accessories, finance, entrepreneurs. I highly recommend you check into this group–for a very small yearly fee, you can tap into lots of first class fashion and trend info, and a network of real pro’s!


A Place to Meet Trend Forecasters.
Jayne Mountford has created a great website and service to promote trend forecasters and provide important fashion intelligence from many perspectives. She attends my Europe report webinars, and just posted a bit of “intelligence” from me on one of my trends for home–“Grey Really Does Matter!” Look into all the information she offers on Hall Five–she is one of the all time pro’s in the business.
Click here to read more.

Grey Really Does Matter!

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I love to motivate and empower my audiences and clients with compelling and actionable information. I am passionate about the need for creativity, good taste and thinking out of the box.
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