LET’S GET DOWN TO IT!……….Retail Success, Anyone?????

Imagine my surprise while shopping downtown Chicago this week, to turn the corner and see a line of people waiting to get into a shop…..in Chicago, in winter. Lo and behold, it’s Sprinkles, a chain of cupcake shops that I believe started the cupcake craze. This enterprise is well designed and just a cool place to be.

Check out their website http://www.sprinkles.com for all their locations across the country. And, let me know if the shops in your city are doing as well as this one seems to be! I guess I’m amazed, as in how good can a cupcake be for $3.50 a pop??? Guess it’s all about what you make of an idea…..amen.

Sprinkles Cupcakes Retail Success Sprinkles Cupcakes Retail Success

Love their videos on an outside wall to attract people, get their message out, and keep the people in line entertained!

About Fran Yoshioka

I love to motivate and empower my audiences and clients with compelling and actionable information. I am passionate about the need for creativity, good taste and thinking out of the box.
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