More bits of inspiration from shopping Paris……


Scoop—new all natural perfume launch!

While in Bon Marche department store, the big open display area had tables pyramid-stacked 3 feet high with take-out coffee cups– complete with lids, paperbag-brown wraps, and cardboard carrier. I was charmed and delighted to find out this was a display for perfume, which was launched in Paris in April.

And, there will be a big launch with huge party mid- September in NYC, Australia and Tokyo!

It’s the latest new perfume, totally natural and organic, developed by Olivia Giacobetti, who now lives in NYC. Inspired by take out coffee cups (and carriers), there are 3 fragrances, but the most special is
I Love Carrots…..which is a spicy carrot fragrance –real essence of carrot with a touch of patchouli for an exotic flair.


Chic and Practical – Dine-in/Carry-Out

Loved this eatery in the lower level of Au Printemps department store—airy, open, right in the middle of their fabulous accessories.

Here’s a great example of combining the need for fast food with great appealing good food with a simple but chic atmosphere to take out or eat in. It’s really the winning combination of a deli and a simple food kiosk with lots of white leather and communal tables. Each sandwich, salad, soup, and entrée is filled with interesting combinations and accents of special greens and herbs and spices. It’s the perfect place to stop just long enough for that good short lunch break when shopping the Paris department stores.
Or, taking that extra salad you just had to try back to the hotel room w you for later on.

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I love to motivate and empower my audiences and clients with compelling and actionable information. I am passionate about the need for creativity, good taste and thinking out of the box.
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