Summer Retail in Paris—The 3 Things I Loved the Most!

Great Summer Bags

A wealth to choose from and displayed up front and center. The Barbara Rihl bags for summer were whimsical and charming using fun travel graphics and illustrations.

THE bag for summer clearly is the straw market bag offered in all markets at all price ranges. Fun are the multicolor ones creating woven-in patterns but also great were the ones with add-ons, decoration, novel touches.

Great Summer Prints

The freshest were prints that took on a more modern look, and I feel that’s a very big direction in pattern as we move through 2011. Abstracts were open with lots of grounds and randomly spaced for an engineered look. And I loved the silky beach wear caftan tops in fun and easy new geo’s.

A Great Display

In the Kitchenwares dept in Bon Marche…..chandeliers made out of everyday kitchen utensils…..whisks, wooden spoons, wine openers. And each created a different chandelier design!


Am now on my way to London and will report back on the best of what I saw there—stay tuned!

Please join my webinar offered later this month to see the complete story with lots of great visuals and inspiring ideas— color, patterns, looks, new trends—what I saw that looked good for women’s, accessories, girl’s, men’s, boy’s, home, and visual merchandising!

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1 Response to Summer Retail in Paris—The 3 Things I Loved the Most!

  1. Alisa Caron says:

    I am sharing witht he Visual Display department at Ai – Chicago
    Cool! Clever! Thanks

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